Marketing in the
Connection Age

Category: Communication

While consumers have unprecedented access to product information to guide their purchasing decisions, recent research from the consulting firm Deloitte and others shows that consumers still overwhelmingly favor the opinions of their family members, friends and fellow consumers over bloggers, retail associates and other so-called experts.... Read More



Re-Branding - How and why to reshape your image

Category: Branding

If your brand is doing the same things it did on the day you launched, you’re stagnant. Don’t let anybody fool you – change is important. From a few minor adjustments here and there, to a complete overhaul, change is good. One of the most crucial aspects for companies to understand with respect to rebranding or refreshing a heritage brand is that, intended or not, you’re signaling to your marketplace that something of significance about the business is changing. Read More



Paradigm Shift - Competing in the New Age of Jobs

Before you dismiss such remarks as the whining of a spoiled generation, consider that Millennials – or those born between the late 1970s and late 1990s – now make up the largest group of people in the United States and much of the global workforce.
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The Key to Standing Out

In the high-pressure world of leading sales efforts for entrepreneurial ventures, of which Tim has spent the majority of his career doing, finding ways to stand out from the competition can be the difference between getting the job done and exceeding beyond expectations. Read More



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